Theatre Designer/Maker

Murals, Scenic Art & Other Design Work

Wildlife Mural for Demelza Children’s Hospice

Demelza SEL, Kent

Demelza Children’s Hospice is a wonderful charity local to me who provide care and emotional support to children with terminal illnesses and their families. At the beginning of March 2020 their South East London Hospice was getting a complete re-vamp. As part of that over the course of two weeks (and under the guidance of the marvellous Dean Tweedy of Marvellous Murals) a group of local volunteer artists transformed the car park and entrances to Demelza House into a woodland wonderland. I was delighted to be able to offer my painting skills to help with a small part of that transformation

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Illustrations for “A Clockwork Orange” (The Mack Theatre)

By Anthony Burgess
Adapted & Directed by Dan Herd
Lighting Design: Adam King

As happened to so many productions in March 2020, our production of “A Clockwork Orange” at Mountview Theatre had to be cancelled at the very last moment due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Above are just a small selection of the many hand drawn illustrations created to be projected as backdrops for the various scenes, that unfortunately will now never be seen at the scale they were intended. The scruffy, light-hearted comic book style was to contrast the shocking and casual violence displayed by the characters in the play. The hand drawn “pen and ink” style was also used for some elements of the costume, furniture and props aswell.

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Fairytale Farm Artwork & Fairytale Settings

Fairytale Farm Park, Oxfordshire

Fairytale Farm is the UK’s first visitor attraction to put disabled children first in its design and layout, but is loved by children (and adults) of all abilities. It is “a sensory and learning wonderland”, a farm park for young children where everything is accessible and everybody welcome. I designed and painted various pieces for the farm, including all the fairytale settings in Fairytale Street.

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Civil Ceremony at Bateman’s Barn

Private commission, Bateman’s Barn, Suffolk

I designed the set and set dressing for this civil ceremony at Bateman’s Barn in Suffolk. The barn was transformed from a classic style for the afternoon ceremony to a 1920’s Art Deco inspired nightclub style for the evening. The planters were later re-used to become a duck house (Duckingham Palace!)

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Pirate Mural

Private commission, Kent

This was designed and painted for a little boy who loves pirates. The mural extended around the top third of all four walls of his bedroom, and the colour of the sand extended across the rest of the walls.

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Underwater Mural

Private commission, Kent

I designed and painted this mural for a little boy on the theme of ‘under the sea’. The mural extends around two walls of his bedroom, and slightly onto the other two walls with the same background colour. It was designed to fit the exact measurements of the room.

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The Laramie Project Floor & Cyc Design (ALRA Theatre)

By Moises Kaufmann and Tectonic Theatre Project
Director: Phil Clark
Set Design in conjunction with Anna Toumanova
Costume Designer: Anna Toumanova

This play tells the story of the aftermath of the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepherd in Laramie, Wyoming. For this production I designed a painted backdrop and floor which I then used as a teaching exercise with technical theatre students at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. Under my guidance the students painted all of it, from stretching and priming the cloths, griding up and transferring the design onto the cloths, and mixing and applying the paint with both brushes and spray guns.

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The Ghosts of the Mary Rose/ In the Tea Leaves of the Titans (Clifftown Theatre)

Written and directed by Chris Main
Costume Designer: Ali Manners
Lighting Designer: Steve Owens

These were two productions designed to showcase the skills of students on E15 Acting School’s stage combat course. The sets in both cases had to provide structures and levels for them to work on, whilst allowing plenty of room for big fight scenes.

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